• Jonnywhite


  • Melisa Altınsoy

    Melisa Altınsoy

    Experimental Engineer. Data Scientist @Deloitte, Alumni @AccuratStudio. Focus on transforming chaotic signals to knowledge which creates value for society.

  • Caro Williams-Pierce

    Caro Williams-Pierce

    Assistant professor at the University of Maryland’s iSchool

  • Ross Ingram

    Ross Ingram

    Curious about identity, perspective, and motivation.

  • Chris Schlanger

    Chris Schlanger

    I chase after big ideas, esp. but not always in health +/or tech. Love to spread them. I choose my own adventures. Gonna eat that dosa?

  • Enlight App

    Enlight App

  • Kamel Gazzaz

    Kamel Gazzaz

    Cognitive Research Scientist exploring the mind and building passionate research communities at Maslo

  • Doug Gowans

    Doug Gowans

    Reading & writing about technology in higher education | Automation, RPA, Digitising processes, Business Change, AI, Agility etc… I work at ServiceNow.

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