Displaying not only the co-writing capabilities and comprehension of AI interpretations but also displaying multiple options created by the AI given the entirety of the text.

Human authored text in bold.

AI authored text in Italics.

The earth was silent beneath her feet. The tremors had finally calmed. The trees were still in the frightened air. No breeze. No distant echoes or bird songs or falling stones. Her heart was racing and she was breathing hard. It seemed like days had passed since she’d left the village. She hadn’t gone far, but the trees had grown thick and tangled in…

Required Vocabulary for the Future of Successful Education Technology

In a recent discussion about the state of Education Technology, the number of ideas coming down the pike, and the realities facing genuine learning innovation- the word “ossification” was used. Not to get too High School debate team here, but Webster’s Dictionary defines “ossification” as:

1a: the natural process of bone formation

1b: the hardening (as of muscular tissue) into a bony substance

2: a mass or particle of ossified tissue

3: a tendency toward or state of being molded into a rigid, conventional, sterile, or unimaginative condition

My imagination brought to life giant lumbering, prehistoric or Lovecraftian behemoths fossilized…

Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together

In an increasingly digital universe, 21st Century Literacy will require not only the ease of expression across multiple forms of media but also the ability to use the available media to solve larger and more complex problems. It is this latter issue that requires more focused attention in Education. The value of critical thinking has been heralded for years, and been the focus of multiple strains of curricular reform — but it remains tangential to the standards-based, didactic Education system. …

Companionship is not dictated by ultimatums in a vertically stratified relationship. Companionship is a socially forged identity between individuals based on implicit mutually beneficial factors that adapt and mature based on the needs of the relationship. A successful human relationship with an AI Companion has the same requirements as social companionship between humans. The co-creation of this human/AI relationship needs to be nurtured and explored in order to create a companionship that is essentially a third entity where all participants (human and AI) continue to adapt and meet each other’s needs. The definition of “self” in the companion relationship is…

Maslo AI in Schools

Maslo, the empathetic AI companion, learns by interaction with its partner — the student. The more interaction, the more personalized the experience for the user. This synthesis is the result of a structured scaffolded program that Maslo uses to build rapport with the student — gradually creating an on-going symbiosis of learning. Maslo takes in more information than just what is exchanged via the “discussion” or “journaling” process. …

Education, Technology, and Defining the Post-COVID “New Normal”

The global impact of the Coronavirus is forcing almost every aspect of society to reexamine the orthodox and accepted operational mechanics of “business as usual.” The hesitancy and confusion in American schools is a living example of society fumbling to create a definite “new normal” while still coming to terms with the everyday consequences of losing the cultural structures of “business as usual.” There is no absolute “new normal” aside from the global reliance on technology.

The “New Normal”

Technology was used as a life raft during the initial wave of emergency pandemic closings in the Spring of 2020. Businesses and aspects of…

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